About Me

Hi. I’m Michael Martin and this is my official site. You could be here for any number of reasons but most likely because of my professional endeavors in video games media.

I am a writer and on-camera host, formerly of Yahoo Esports, which sadly shut down earlier this year. Many of you may have seen my work there and elsewhere as a voice in the fighting game community, with extensive coverage on Street Fighter and the Capcom Pro Tour, as well as other games like Tekken 7 or Injustice 2.

I used to freelance news, features, and previews for a variety of other outlets, including IGN, Red Bull eSports, Pixelkin.org, Games Radar+, PC Gamer, Kill Screen, and Playboy.

Follow me on Twitter @Bizarro_Mike to keep up with my latest projects. You can also follow my Twitch channel Bizarro13 for live streams and my YouTube channel for new videos.