Competitive Catherine Feature on Playboy

Not a bad first writing post to start with. I’m officially published on Playboy with a competitive Catherine feature. It is 100% safe for work because they have a legit gaming section on their website. The content is really well done. You can finally say you read it for the articles without lying.

At any rate, here’s a short preview of my story, which centers around a hardcore competitive Catherine scene. The idea sprouted after a Catherine tournament was held at Evo 2015.

Two players, Blue and Orange, stand at the bottom of a tower of blocks. The round begins and both players commence shifting blocks forward, backward, left, and right to create a path to get to the top of the tower. Time works against Blue and Orange as the layers of blocks beneath them fall away. Blue attempts to hinder Orange’s progress by pushing blocks into a formation that traps Orange, while the stage continues to collapse below. All Blue has to do is wait it out, but he gets antsy and makes a wrong move, freeing Orange from the trap. Orange takes advantage by climbing up and smacking Blue with his pillow, just as the blocks below fall away, sending Blue into the abyss.

Click to read the full story.


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