Introducing Crush Groove, a new interview series featuring Michael ‘Bizarro Mike’ Martin

Crush Groove Ep. 1 - GamerBee

Hello everyone,

Today, I’m launching a new interview series called Crush Groove. I’m excited and nervous about it. As many of you who follow me may know, I’ve been deeply entrenched in fighting games for a few years now. This new series will draw on some of that but I will say up front, it will not be ONLY about fighting games.

I’d really like to expand my horizons and hopefully attract new viewers/listeners with a variety of guests from all forms of entertainment, while bringing my dedicated followers the same type of content they come to expect from me. I’m also looking to produce maybe one or two of these a month to start out.

That said, the first episode with Bruce ‘GamerBee’ Hsiang, a legendary and all-time great Street Fighter player, is live.

You might notice some production changes along the way as I fine-tune this project. I am producing and editing these things myself. I’m open to feedback so please leave comments or catch me on Twitter @Bizarro_Mike. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for updates also.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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